Proper Candle Care

Keep your candle looking festive all season long! Follow these simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your candles.

Tip #1. Trim the wick to ¼ “ long before burning

This is important for the first time you burn it, but it's also important to keep your wick this length so your candle continues to burn evenly.

Tip #2. Allow the wax to become completely liquid on the top before blowing out to avoid wasting wax. This will also establish a larger scent “throw”

Throw means how far the fragrance travels & fills a space*. If your impatience gets the best of you and you don't wait until the top layer of wax has melted, your candle will start to “tunnel”, wasting the wax on the perimeter of the candle and limiting oxygen to the flame. If this happens, here is a quick fix! You can wrap tin foil around the rim of the candle, putting extra layers on areas the wax has built up. Wait a few hours for the wax to fully melt and create an even pool of wax.

* It can also mean a cozy blanket used for naps by the fireplace :)

Tip #3. Clean any soot and smoke off of the inside of the candle with a towel and coconut oil

Soy & beeswax candles have much less soot than candles with ingredients contributing to indoor air-pollution, but if some does appear it can easily be wiped off. Keeping the wick trimmed also helps to prevent smoke & soot.

Tip #4. Be aware of the candle's surroundings, avoiding lighting near anything that can catch on fire.

Yes, unfortunately, that means your garland, gifts, and likely most of your Christmas decorations. 


By following these few simple tips you’ll have a clean, fragrant, and long lasting candle. Once you’ve enjoyed the full life of your candle, you can remove the wax (you can do this easily by placing the candle in the freezer to stiffen the wax) and you can recycle the tin, use it as the cutest gift wrapping tin ever, or tie a ribbon around it and hang it on your Christmas tree.