About Santa's Naturals

When our founder, Philip Freeman, started his first business - Murphy’s Naturals (sound familiar?) - he had a passion for Doing Others Good. Murphy’s Naturals is about creating plant based products, like mosquito repellent, that help people enjoy life outdoors. When mosquito season ended and winter rolled around, the do gooders (aka the Murphy’s Naturals Team) wanted to continue bringing good to people in their community. What better way to spread good than the joy and nostalgia of Christmas? And thus, Santa’s Naturals was born, with the same passion for plant based ingredients, sustainable and responsible sourcing, and Doing Others Good. 

Santa’s Naturals is a certified B Corporation and 1% For the Planet member. Just like Saint Nick looks out for his community, we do too. Our products include 9oz candles, 3.5oz candles, and tea lights all in three festive scents: Fraser Fir, SnowFall, and Winter Berry. Fill your home with festive scents, without worrying about paraffins or phthalates,. Our candles are made from a mix of soy wax and beeswax, plant based essential oils, and responsibly sourced fragrance oils. You can find Santa’s workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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